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Enroll in one (or more) of our 40- hour training course from our Behavior Supports & Systems Series to become competent in an industry specific area pertaining to the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA). Upon completing each course (with the exception of the RBT course), students will earn a digital credential. Asynchronous class options are available.

These training programs are recommended to any students regardless of their educational level and residency. 

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Courses from the Behavior Supports & Systems Series are Perfect For...

...anyone who wants to receive training in a specific content area within the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA). There are no restrictions in regard to educational level and experience in the field of ABA. Therefore, we have a specialized course for EVERYONE. 


Required Courses: Units FallF WinterW SpringSp SummerSu
ED X310A: What’s Next: Navigating Life after School 4 Ventura Ventura Ventura Ventura
ED X310B: Registered Behavior Technician Training 4 Ventura Ventura Ventura Ventura
ED X310C: Organizational Behavior Management - COMING SOON  4        
ED X310D: Early Intervention and Supports - COMING SOON  4        
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Licensure Disclosure


  Public UCSB Students International
Individual Training Course $200 $200 $200
Registered Behavior Technician Training Course  $100 $100 $100

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Adolescent and Adult Support Badge

Adolescent and Adult Support Badge

Students will complete an intensive 40 hours of training and acquire essential evidence-based tools and skills to: (1) better understand, (2) help, and (3) support clients to navigate their life as an adolescent/adult. . 


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ABA Career Panel with Dr. Dimitris Dimitriou


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