By Staff Writer - April 9, 2024

Meet Erika Schultz, a shining example of success within our Paralegal Studies program at UC Santa Barbara's Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE). Erika embodies the transformative impact of lifelong learning and the opportunities available through our American Bar Association ABA-approved program.

Erika's PaCE experience has been characterized by excellence, with teachers and customer service exceeding her expectations. This level of support and accessibility has played a crucial role in Erika's success, both academically and professionally.

Within just nine months of starting her Paralegal Studies program with PaCE, Erika achieved a significant milestone by making a successful career transition into her desired field. This achievement not only reflects Erika's dedication and hard work but also highlights the practical skills and industry relevance embedded in PaCE's curriculum.

Through live online and asynchronous class options, PaCE provides flexible learning opportunities that cater to the diverse needs of students like Erika. The program's comprehensive curriculum, expert instructors, and industry recognition have positioned PaCE as a leader in paralegal education.

Erika’s story is a testament to the quality and impact of PaCE's Paralegal Studies program. Her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring paralegals and legal professionals, showcasing the potential for growth, career advancement, and personal fulfillment through PaCE's professional certificate programs.

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