By Staff Writer - April 18, 2024

During Yaoyi Wang's gap year, an unexpected discovery unfolded in Santa Barbara and at UC Santa Barbara (UCSB). The city's ambiance, the warmth of its residents, and the immersive UCSB campus courses offered through the PaCE program collectively contributed to a profound and transformative experience.

Navigating through the spring of 2023 in Santa Barbara, Yaoyi gained a fresh perspective on life. The combination of academic learning and real-world experiences was both enlightening and enriching. However, what truly made the period unforgettable were the lasting friendships forged—a testament to the depth of human connections that transcend physical boundaries.

The impact of the PaCE program and its dedicated team played a pivotal role in Yaoyi's journey of growth and self-discovery. These three months have left an indelible mark, shaping Yaoyi's outlook and equipping them for new adventures on the horizon.

Looking forward to a reunion, Yaoyi carries with them the memories and lessons learned in Santa Barbara, knowing that they will continue to resonate and guide their future endeavors.

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