Qualified Autism Service Practitioner-Supervisor - QASP-S

PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE || INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA - There is a huge international demand for well-trained autism specialists. As a Qualified Autism Service Practitioner, you will have the opportunity to provide supervision and behavioral health services to individuals with autism or anyone who may benefit from applied behavior analysis (ABA) services.  Asynchronous class options available.

This track is recommended to any students, regardless of where they reside, thus highly recommended for our International students. 

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...anyone who holds a bachelor’s degree in a related field and with specific education, training, and applied fieldwork in applied behavior analysis, including experience and specialization in autism. 

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  Public UCSB Students International
Individual Courses $680 $510 $680
Certificate Release Fee  $45  $45 $45
Supervision Class (optional) $650/quarter $650/quarter $650/quarter
    *25% Discount Available for Current UCSB Students!  Info

UCSB's Program Completion Professional Certificate Application

In order to receive UCSB's program completion professional certificate (this is NOT the QASP-S certification), upon completion of the program:  

1. Log into your PaCE Student Account to verify that you have completed and passed all 5 courses.  

2. Click here to request your certificate release

3. Check your email for a Certificate notification from Parchment, our official credential provider.


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The Rise of ABA: Applied Behavior Analysis on the PaCE Pod


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