Introduction to Infrared Imaging Technology

What real-life applications and problems can be solved by using IR technology? Enroll now to learn more! Available as an on-demand, asynchronous course.

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Infrared Imaging Technology...

Acquire a broad and foundational understanding of IR applications from industry leaders. The course is designed for prospective, new and established users of IR. No previous IR experience or advanced skills in engineering are required.

Participants will acquire a sense of confidence in selecting and using the most appropriate IR system for the job. They will also be provided with a better understanding of what real-life applications and problems can be solved by using IR.

The course is completely asynchronous, so you can advance at your own pace, or rewatch lectures, over 8 weeks. Once finished, you may consider taking our advanced Modern Infrared Detectors & Systems Applications course.

Learn and experience a variety of topics…



Eric Beuville, Ph.D, Raytheon Technologies
Tom Danielson, Ph.D, Santa Barbara Infrared
John Devitt, Raytheon Technologies
Nicholas Hogasten, Teledyne/Flir
Jamal Mustafa, Ph.D, Raytheon Technologies
Minh Nguyen, Ph.D, HRL
Austin Richards, Ph.D, Oculus Photonics
Marco Scussat, Ph.D, Kyocera

Topics covered (12 hours):

IR Technology Overview
Anatomy of an IR system
IR Sensor Fabrication
IR ReadOut IC & Noise overview
IR Packaging overview
IR Optics overview
IR Testing overview
IR Signal Processing overview
IR Scene Projection overview
IR System Selection
IR Case Studies
IR Applications
IR Radiometry
EO Analysis


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The course environment will include interactive and multi-faceted learning experiences where students are encouraged to delve deep into real-world IR applications.

- Marco Scussat, Ph.D.
Instructor & Coordinator



Infrared radiation is the language of molecules, and infrared cameras give us virtual “superpowers” to quantify the terrestrial environment and the objects in it through imaging technology...This course will take you on a journey into one of the most exciting areas of modern imaging technology, and help you understand how you can use IR camera technology in your own work.

-Austin Richards, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist